Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University For Women
(Established by Govt. of Delhi vide Act 9 of 2012)
ISO 9001:2015 Certified University
Currently Ph.D. programme is offered in the domain of Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE), Electrical Engineering, Information Technology (IT), Computer Application, Computer Science & Engineering (CSE), Mechanical & Automation Engineering (MAE) and Applied Sciences & English (ASH).

To enable and nurture relevant research endeavours the University has bagged research grants from various external agencies. The researchers in the University both Faculty and students are involved in industry relevant research and consultancy in various areas of social relevance.

The University is in the process of developing various advanced labs & centres, which would serve as the premier source of academic information for the University community through its rich collection of academic books, journals and documents with innovative technology and physical facilities.
The Ph.D Program is being offered in the following disciplines (but not limited to) subject to the availability of vacancy in the relevant research field:
Department Research Areas
Computer Science & Engineering/Information Technology/Computer Application    Internet of Things (IOT), Wireless Communication Cyber Security, Mobile Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Web Technologies.

   Natural Language Processing, Big Data Analytics, Fuzzy Database Management, Intelligent Computing, Data & Text Mining, Speech Processing.

   Data Analytics, Big Data Analysis, Computer Education, Embedded systems, Mobile Computing, Wireless Sensor Network.

   Real Time Systems, Data Mining, Algorithms , Data Science, Sentiment Analysis & opinion Mining, Text Mining, Social Network Analysis.

   Fuzzy Theory, Information Security, Cyber Security, Image Processing, Video Retrieval, Image Retrieval, Machine Learning.

   Software Engineering / Software Testing, Software Project Management, Information Security, Secure Wireless Networks, Cloud Computing.

   Business Intelligence, Software Reliability, Neural Networks, Data Communication Networks, Semantic Web.
Electronics and Communication    Optical Communication, Digital Signal Processing, VLSI, Strategic MGT, Telecom MGT, Analog, Mixed Mode Circuits and Systems Design.

   Embedded System, Computer Vision, Multimedia Security, Medical Image Processing, VLSI Design.

   Low Power CMOS Circuits and Analog Integrated Circuits, Micro Electronics, Designing of Fractional Order Differentiators and Integrators.

   Optimization of Operators, Evolutionary Algorithms, Digital Image Processing, Digital Signal Processing Machine Learning.

    Digital Image Processing (Medical), Big Data Analytic, Combinatorial optimization (Meta-Heuristic), Decision Science.

   Power Systems, Power Electronics, Control Systems, Electrical Engineering & Renewable Energy Sources.
Mechanical and Automation Engineering    Machine Design Engineering, Tribology Fluid Film Bearing, FEM Computation Engineering, Vibration.

   Alternate Fuels in IC Engines, Composite Material, Robotics & Automation, Manufacturing & Automation.

   Production and Automation Engineering, Prosthetics, Thermal Science and Engineering, Thermal Power Plant.

   Refrigeration and Air- Conditioning, Tribology, Applied Mechanics, Green Manufacturing.
Applied Science & Humanities (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English)    Atmospheric Sciences (carbonaceous aerosols, organic compounds and trace gases), Nanocomposites for waste water treatment, Green Corrosion Inhibitors.

   Nanotechnology, Nano materials, Thin Film Technologies, Applied Optics, Digital Image Processing, Optical Information Processing.

   Panoramic and 3-D Imaging, Materials Science, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.

   Mathematical Programming, Operations Research, Nonlinear Programming, Combinatorial Optimization, Allocation Problems.

   English Literature, Communication Studies.