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Title : One Day Workshop on Earth Construction with Hunnarshala Foundation in Bhuj, Gujarat on 22nd Feb 2018 of 2nd Year B.Arch Students, IGDTUW
Duration : 2018-02-22 to 2018-02-22
Content : Contemporary urban culture is one of copious consumption, which uses a lot of energy and resources and at the same time generates a lot of waste. HunnarshalaFoundation believes that it is essential to stress on technologies and materials that not very energy consuming as well as recycling the waste our environment generates. The goal of the workshop was to strengthen students with knowledge and skills required for understanding and promoting the various architecture and craft form with sustainable system. The workshop course lays importance of Earth construction. The students were given demonstration where in a conscious effort to use materials like waste wood in structural areas in the built form was shown. The students were given a tour of the campus which has a fair bit of rammed earth construction; use of waste product generated in china clay factories as an additive to the earth mixture was used. Students could understand Balinese thatching technique used in the building roof and the use of Rice husk for thatching. Apart from that the students could get a thorough understanding of various experimentation with other earth technologies and roofing techniques in the campus. The students were given a hands- on demonstration of understanding soil and testing it. Students could make adobe bricks and Wattle and Daub composite wall as part of their hands on activity. Overall the workshop gave the students an insight as to design built form using local material with local resources. The workshop was participated by 32 students including three faculty member Ar.Sneha Maji, Ar.VenusKashyap, Ar.Amit Agarwal .
Organised By :Department of ARCH