Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University For Women
(Established by Govt. of Delhi vide Act 9 of 2012)
NAAC A+ Grade University
  •    LRC is open to bonafide members only
  •    All users observe perfect discipline and silence in order to maintain peaceful environment of study within and around LRC. Talking, eating, smoking, or sleeping is strictly prohibited.
  •    Mobiles, Laptops, Bags, boxes, briefcases, etc are not allowed in the LRC.
  •    Any violation of Rules shall lead to forfeiture of the membership of concerned member. Appropriate disciplinary action may also be imposed.
Membership :
  •    Membership is automatically conferred to all the faculty members, research scholars or a student on his / her joining and remains valid for his full tenure. Members should present duly filled–in registration from upon joining the institute which can be obtained from the Circulation Counter or download from here
  •    “No Dues Certificate / Clearance Certificate” should be obtained from the LRC while leaving the Institute. Result or degree or dues cannot be released to members, unless all borrowings are returned.
  •    For loss/damage of LRC Membership card, Duplicate card will be issued @ Rs.100/- plus on production of FIR copy from the Police Station.
Use of LRC materials :
  •    A member is entitled to make free use of reading, reference, and referral facilities of the library.
  •    Members are requested to visit our OPAC (link here) for availability /new arrival of materials.
  •    Entry in library premises is allowed only after verifying Identity Cards and should produce it on demand by any authorized staff.
  •    Member should produce their ID card for borrowing library documents. Borrowing rights of members are not transferable.
  •    Forloss of a book by a member, he/she must replace new book with recent by procuring it from the market.
  •    Borrowers are requested for safe & careful use of LRC documents and must ensure that the documents borrowed by them retained in sound condition.
  •    In case of loss / damage of some issue of reference material, it has to be replaced or cost of the entire volume must be paid. In case of loss of a single part of a multi-volume publication entire set will be recovered /replaced from the borrower.
  •    User shall not write, or make any mark upon, fold, damage, any document of the LRC.
  •    Theborrowed documents must be returned by the member on or before the due date or earlier, if demanded by the Library. These will not be re-issued.
  •    Members can reserve the loaned documents online by logging on to the OPAC.
  •    Members also can recommend book to be procured for LRC online by logging on to the OPAC.