Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University For Women

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Antargat- Creative Society


Faculty Advisor : Ar.Preeti Chauhan Associate Professor, Department of Architecture & Planning.

'ANTARGAT' means 'within'. This creative society looks at waste with a different perspective. Waste is only waste if wasted. Every waste has some useful potential to be identified and put to work. The society is initiated to collect like minded individuals who have a different perspective to waste and an eye for creative modeling of the same. The society commenced in 2017 is in its nascent state and is looking for crazy ideas. Some individualistic works can be seen as a remodeled lamp, university old stool, benches and planter establishment out of civil waste, earrings and bracelet waste, Innerve leftover frames, old shoes and T-shirts etc. The Ideation of the society is to recycle, remodel, reuse Waste from the university and likewise, putting condemnation process to a new visionary outcome. Registrations will open in July 2018.



Some products made by individuals:


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