Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University For Women
(Established by Govt. of Delhi vide Act 9 of 2012)
ISO 9001:2015 Certified University
  • To keep pace with modern technology in the field of artificial intelligence data science, by providing high-quality programs to prepare students to meet the needs of the industry.
  • To develop research and development and innovation skills in the field of data science and artificial intelligence at the national and global levels.
  • Improve ability of students to work effectively within a team and apply appropriate practices within a professional, legal and ethical framework, and the need to contribute positively to society.
To achieve excellent standards of quality education through latest tools and technologies with a focus on enhancing problem solving skills, research, development and innovation culture in the domain of AI and data sciences.
  • To provide technology based education to the students to enhance their niche expertise in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences.
  • To educate the students with latest technologies for the development of expert systems in the domains of NLP computer vision, robotics and others so as to develop low cost innovative quality solutions for the betterment of the society.
  • To guide students in research and innovation on AI and Data science, with aim of having an ethical impact on society by tackling societal challenges.