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Hostel Admission Notifications
Title Download Date of Uploading
Hostel Admission fourth list 20232023-08-19View/Download
Hostel Admission Third List 2023-242023-08-14View/Download
Hostel Admission Second List 2023-242023-08-08View/Download
Hostel Admission first list 2023-242023-08-03View/Download
Notice for Re-Admission 2023-242023-07-17View/Download
Notice for Hostel Admissions for B.Tech, Dual Degree B.Tech-MBA, B.Arch, BBA, M.Tech, MCA and Ph.D students Academic Year 2023-242023-07-06View/Download
Hostel Admission Application Form 2023-242023-07-06View/Download
Hostel Admission Fourth list For UG First Year Students 2022-23 2022-11-24View/Download
Hostel Admission Third list For UG First Year Students 2022-232022-11-20View/Download
Hostel UG First year First List and Fee structure AY 2022-232022-11-14View/Download
Hostel e-Brochure for Academic Session 2022-232022-11-13View/Download
Hostel admission Form For UG New admission 2022-232022-11-05View/Download
Notice For Hostel UG New Admission 2022-232022-11-05View/Download
Notice for Hostel e-brochure for the academic session 2022-232022-08-19View/Download
Hostel Annual Fee structure 2022-23 2022-08-06View/Download
Hostel First Admission List 2022-232022-08-06View/Download
Notice for hostel admission in academic session 2022-232022-08-05View/Download
Hostel Admission Form 2022-232022-07-17View/Download
Hostel Admission Second List, 20222022-02-17View/Download
Hostel Annual Fee Structure 2021-22 for Newly Admitted Students2022-02-10View/Download
Regarding Hostel Admission First List (Outside Delhi Category)2022-02-08View/Download
Notice for final year students2021-12-05View/Download
Hostel Admission Notice 2021-222021-11-06View/Download
Hostel Admission Form 2021-222021-08-28View/Download
Hostel Admission Notice 2021-222021-08-28View/Download
Hostel Admission Procedure 2021-222021-08-28View/Download
Hostel Annual Fee Structure 2021-222021-08-28View/Download
Hostel Information Bulletin 2021-222021-08-28View/Download
Notice for New and Re Admission 2021-222021-08-28View/Download
Hostel Admission third list 2020-212021-03-22View/Download
Hostel Admission second list 2020-212021-03-15View/Download
Revised Hostel fee structures 2020-212021-03-12View/Download
Corrigendum - Hostel Admission First List: 2020-212021-03-05View/Download
IGDTUW Hostel Admission First List: 2020-212021-03-04View/Download
Hostel Admission Procedure 2020-212021-02-23View/Download
Hostel Annual Fee Structure (2020-21)2020-11-12View/Download
Hosel Admission Notice 2020-212020-08-11View/Download
Hostel Admission e-Brochure 2020-212020-08-11View/Download
Hostel Admission Form2020-08-11View/Download
Hostel Admission 2019-20 Eighth List2019-09-16View/Download
Hostel Admission 2019-20 Eighth List2019-09-16View/Download
Hostel Admission 2019-20 Seventh List2019-09-03View/Download
Hostel Admission 2019-20 Sixth List2019-08-23View/Download
Hostel Admission 2019-20 Fifth List2019-08-13View/Download
Revised Hostel Admission 2019-20 Fifth List2019-08-13View/Download
IGDTUW Hostel Admission Fourth List: 2019-202019-08-09View/Download
IGDTUW Hostel Admission Third List: 2019-202019-08-06View/Download
IGDTUW Hostel Admission Second List: 2019-202019-08-02View/Download
IGDTUW hostel admission list of selected candidates2019-07-30View/Download
Hostel Admission Form 2019-202019-06-25View/Download
Notice regarding Reallotment for the year 2019-202019-06-25View/Download
Hostel Admission Procedure 2019-202019-06-25View/Download
IGDTUW Hostel - List of Out Side Delhi Category / Delhi category but outside Residence Category & NCR2018-08-14View/Download
IGDTUW Hostel Admission Second List: 2018-192018-08-04View/Download
IGDTUW Hostel Admission First List 2018-19 2018-07-31View/Download
Notice regarding hostel re-allotment for the year 2018-192018-06-11View/Download
Notice regarding hostel re-admission 2018-19 2018-06-06View/Download
Notice regarding hostel admission 2018-19. 2018-06-06View/Download