Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University For Women
(Established by Govt. of Delhi vide Act 9 of 2012)
ISO 9001:2015 Certified University
Name : Prof. Ela Kumar
Designation : Professor & Dean (Student Affairs)
Qualification : Ph.D.(Delhi University) ,M.Tech IIT Roorkee, B.E. IIT Roorkee.
Area of Interest : Machine learning, Neural Network and Deep learning.
Name : Prof. D.K.Tayal
Designation : Professor, Chairman (Academic Quality Assurance Committee)
Qualification : Ph.D. (Computer Sc. & Technology), JNU, M.Tech. (Computer Sc. & Technology), JNU, MSc(Maths), Delhi University, BSc(Honours) Maths, Delhi University.
Area of Interest : Artificial Intelligence, Database Management Systems, Fuzzy Logic, Data Mining, Graph Theory, Theory of Computation
Name : Prof. S.R.N. Reddy
Designation : Professor
Qualification : Ph.D. (CS & T), JNU, M.Tech. (Computer Sc. & Technology), JNU.
Area of Interest : Embedded Systems, Compiler Design, Mobile Computing.
Name : Prof. Seeja . K. R
Designation : Professor and Head of Department
Qualification : Ph.D (Computer Science) (Jamia Hamdard), M.E(Computer Science & Engineering)(Madurai Kamaraj University) B.E(Computer Engineering (M.S.University,Thirunelveli)
Area of Interest : Data Structures, Data mining, Design & Analysis of Algorithms, Soft Computing
Name : Mr. B. Indra Thannaya
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.Tech. (Computer Sc. With Software Engineering) JNTU, Hyderabad, B.Tech. (Computer Sc. & engineering) Andhra University
Area of Interest : Software Architecture, Software Re-engineering.
Name : Ms. Vibha
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : Pursuing Ph.D from GGSIPU, Delhi, M.Tech. (CSE) from MNNIT, Allahabad, M.Sc. (Computer Science), Allahabad University.
Area of Interest : DBMS, Multimedia Systems, Object Oriented Programming, Mobile Operating System
Name : Ms. Najme Zehra Naqvi
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : Pursuing Ph.D from IGDTUW, M.Tech. (IT) GGSIPU, B.Tech.(ECE), Rohilakhand University
Area of Interest : Embedded Systems, Computer Architecture, Operating System
Name : Dr. Vivekanand Jha
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering, M.Tech in Information Technology , B.Tech in Computer Science and Information Technology
Area of Interest : Data Structure and Algorithms, Computer Networks, Wireless Networks, Internet of Things (IoT), Wireless Sensor Networks, Programming Languages
Name : Ms. Monika Choudhary
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.Tech (CS, IIT Roorkee), B.E. (CS, University of Rajasthan)
Area of Interest : Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Operating Systems
Name : Dr. Arunima Jaiswal
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : Ph.D DTU, M.Tech DTU, B.Tech USIT, GGSIPU
Area of Interest : Artificial Intelligence, Object Oriented Programming, Operating Systems, Data Mining, Software Engineering
Name : Dr. Ravinder M.
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : B.Tech (CSE) M.Tech (CS) Ph.D (CSE)
Area of Interest : Image Processing, Image Retrieval, Video Retrieval, Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Name : Ms. Khyati Ahlawat
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : PhD(CSE) pursuing GGSIPU, M.Tech(CSE) Banasthali University, B.Tech(CSE) GGSIPU,
Area of Interest : Big Data Analytics, Data Mining, Software Engineering, Database Management System